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Score n’co

Live sports app for everyone.

Graphic design, front-end development
Score n’co

Score n’co is a French online platform providing up-to-date information about championships results and rankings at all competitive and amateur levels, across 10 sports. It allows users (fans and clubs) to comment and update their favourite teams’ events in real time.

I joined Score n’co early on, as the company was still creating its main product. My initial mission was to create visuals for the company’s blog and social media, but it quickly became broader. I helped (re)design all the pages of the website, then translate its contents into mobile apps while applying iOS and Android guidelines. I also produced printed materials for brand promotion.

Screens of the Score n'co mobile app

I gradually took ownership of the front-end development, working on new pages and features for the website (as well as the mobile app, using webviews). This allowed me to improve the overall code quality and web performance.

Other tasks I completed include an update for the company logo and visual identity, providing guidelines to ensure brand coherence, and switching the project from Angular to React while updating the build processes.

Score n'co webpage displaying an event with live score information