Carré Rose Films

Logo/visual identity, web design, posters, motion design
Carré Rose Films
2020 - 2021

Carré Rose Films (Pink Square Movies) is an adult cinema label based in France. It focuses on producing quality content with high standards regarding performers wellbeing, cast and practices diversity, and feminist values.

I was tasked with creating a visual identity for the label, then design its website. The main objective was to convey the high quality feel of the brand while being approachable, avoiding something too clean and restrained. The pink square logo is simple and legible, inspired by a film frame or a clapperboard.

The website was designed with a mobile-first approach, focusing on legibility and contrast but with hints of playfulness. I also designed posters for some of the movies.

Screenshot of the Carré Rose Films homepage.

Carré Rose Films logo and colour swatch, next to a preview of its mobile website templates.

Carré Rose Films posters for two movies, The Ad and Guacamole.