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A few recipes I want to have logged somewhere. I tend to eat vegan when possible, both for ethical and ecological reasons.


Green peas curry soup

Mince and brown the leeks in olive oil for a few minutes, in a large pot. Add the peas, broth, curry, coconut milk. Mince and add the candied lemon. Bring to a boil, then let simmer until the peas are well cooked. Adjust the seasoning. Let cool down a bit, then blend. Add finely minced basil. Serve hot or cold.

Chili sin carne

Mince and brown the onions in olive oil for a few minutes, in a large pan. Add diced tomatoes and carrots, let cook a bit. Lower the heat. Add the red beans with their juice. Mash some of them into the mixture to release their flavour. Add tomato paste, the spices, and mix. Let simmer for a while, stirring occasionally. Adjust spices and condiments to taste. Serve with rice or use in burritos.

Simple pancakes

Mix all the dry ingredients in a large bowl. Add the oil and some milk, stir well. Continue mixing while adding milk until the dough is liquid enough. Cook in a slightly oiled pan on medium/high heat, on each side (a side should cook in about 10-15 seconds).