About me

Hello there! Nice to meet you :)

An androgynous white person with short black and red hair, round glasses and ear jewellery.

My name is Flynn Salazar. I’m 29 years old, and my pronouns are they/them. I currently live in Dundee, Scotland, where I work at home on various projects.

I used to be a graphic designer & front-end developer at Score n’co, and completed a year learning Social Care at the North East Scotland College. I am now looking for a new, exciting path to explore!

I am a curious person whose interests span across:

When I’m not jumping around in code, words, or drawings, you can usually find me drinking tea, taking a stroll, growing plants and/or taking photos.

You can chat with me by mail at hello@njoqi.me or on Telegram at @mechameryl. Please take a look at my photographic work on Instagram!

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