Information about this website and its author.

Flynn Salazar

That's me! A young creative person. I'm nonbinary and my pronouns are they/them. I currently live in Nantes, France, where I work at home on various projects. I used to be a graphic designer & front-end developer at Score n'co, but am now looking for a new, exciting path to explore!

I am a curious person whose interests span across:

  • 📐 design, architecture
  • 🎨 visual arts (esp. photography)
  • 🌤 nature, fauna & flora
  • 🌿 sustainable living & ecology
  • 🎵 electronic music & field recordings
  • 🍜 food (mostly vegan!)
  • 🎮 software development
  • 📕 social science

When I'm not jumping around in code, words, drawings and animated series, you can usually find me drinking tea, taking a stroll, raising plants and/or taking photos.

You can chat with me by mail at hello@njoqi.me, on Discord as Meryl#6559 or on Telegram as @mechameryl. Please take a look at my photographic work on Instagram!


njoqi is the place you're currently visiting. It was inspired by projects like Neauoire's XXIIVV, and aims to become:

  • a projects portfolio
  • a personal log
  • a productivity and inspirational tool
  • a compendium of knowledge

The website is for now featuring two main areas. The Projects list holds information about some of my creative works and their status. The Codex acts as a kind of reference guide, with interesting resources I can go back to and share around.

It uses Vite as development and build tool and Vue 3 as front-end framework. Pre-rendering allows flexibility and componentization while generating a lightweight static website.

It should stay accessible, have a small footprint, and a simple and user-friendly development stack. It is currently hosted on Render, which updates it seamlessly through Github pushes.